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We proudly present a unique laptop:
The Vikings T400 - outdoor display edition -

This is a refurbished, portable and durable business laptop that respects your freedom and your privacy. It comes ready to use, almost everything already included in the price except SSD wich you can add to you order according to your liking. It comes preinstalled with a fully libre software BIOS replacement (Libreboot), Trisquel GNU/Linux with Linux-Libre, maximum RAM possible (8GB RAM), a Advanced Mini Dock docking station, two chargers and two batteries.

Enjoy the freedom of having control over your computing, improve your privacy and security by using this great laptop. This unique specimen from VIkings features a 678 nit high brightness WXGA panel (truly sunlight-visible) as well as faster CPU with 2.8GHz compared to standard T400 laptops out there.


  • Screen: 14.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) High Brightness LED Backlit (678 nit, Matte finish)
  • Operating System: Trisquel GNU/Linux with Linux-Libre pre-installed (if optionally available SSD is ordered)
  • CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T9600, 6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB
  • Memory: 8GB Crucial DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: see available options
  • Optical Drive included: DVD Multi Serial Ultrabay Slim
  • Docking: Advanced Mini Dock
  • Wireless: Libre-friendly Atheros 802.11n
  • Battery: Two battery packs included (used)
  • Power supply: Two included
  • Dimensions: 31.9 x 335.3 x 338 (mm)
  • Weight: approx. 2.0kg (excl. battery)

One year of legal guarantee included

Though the Vikings T400 is a refurbished item it comes with a one year legal guarantee included in the price.

No Malicious Software or Back Doors

The Vikings T400 does not contain any known back doors. It comes with the Intel Management Engine and Intel Active Management Technology fully removed. The boot firmware is fully free software (Libreboot) and as such the source code is available for a full audit.

Keyboard and Touchpoint

This laptop has an ANSI, US-QWERTY keyboard built-in (other layouts are not available from Vikings at this time). The keyboard has improved keyboard flex over the non-outdoor display version of the T400. It's comfortable to type on with precise action in the keys and positive feedback on each key press. This is one of the best, if not the best keyboard you can find on a notebook today.


This unique specimen features a 678 nit high brightness WXGA panel that can't be found anywhere today except at Vikings and is truly a sunlight visible panel. Image quality is surprisingly good for a high brightness panel. Many of the higher brightness panels on the market sacrifice contrast and black levels to ramp up the backlight as bright as possible. In normal brightness ranges (30-80%) the black levels are great and the contrast levels are on par with standard panels. Viewing angles are good for a TN panel.
Vertical viewing range is about 15 degrees up or down with normal brightness levels, and expands out to 20-25 degrees if you bump up the backlight. Horizontal viewing angles are excellent with colors staying true and accurate even at very steep angles. The screen dims slightly at extreme angles, but you can still view what is on the screen to share a movie with people sitting next to you.


Audio performance is better than on the smaller Vikings X200. It has stereo speakers placed left and right from the keyboard. As with most laptops for system sounds or watching the occasional video/webcast these are fine and audible, but you will want to use headphones for a decent listening experience.

Battery Packs

This Vikings T400 Laptop comes with two used batteries; a 4-cell with 1400 mAh left (2200mAh originally) and a 9-cell with 3700 mAh (6600mAh originally).


For day-to-day activities such as browsing the web, typing a document, or watching a HD movie the system performes flawlessly with barely any lag. We deem an SSD drive necessary for best performance, but also offer tested/used HDDs for the price conscious. Alternatively you can order the T400 without any drive and install a hard drive or solid state disc yourself.

Heat and Noise

The cooling system is greatly improved over the prior generations, letting the notebook run whisper quiet and very cool to the touch under most circumstances.

Libre-Friendly Wireless

The Vikings T400 comes with an Atheros 802.11n wireless card, ensuring full compatibility with libre driver software in GNU/Linux. It provides a data rate of 450Mbps net in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks.

Expansion Capabilities/Docking Station

The T400 - outdoor display edition - comes with a original Thinkpad docking station '42W4637 Advanced Mini Dock' included. This provides a couple of extra USB2 ports, gigabit Ethernet and an additional DVI port for an external display. A key isn't included and not necessary for operation.

Refurbished? Isn't that just another word for "used"?

In a nutshell this laptop is refurbished and may have scratches, minor cracks in the casing and/or other minor flaws (optical shortcomings). The display is free from damage. Technically this laptop flawless. Windows stickers and license labels have been removed (in contrast to the pictures shown).

We take great pride in delivering a perfect laptop in relation to its age. All parts are thoroughly cleaned and tested for function. We remove dust and disinfect each laptop, from the inside and the outside. All laptops are stress tested for approximately 24 hours with sysbench and the RAM is tested with memtest with 3 passes minimum. In short, we only ship a laptop that we'd like to use ourselves.

Availability & Ordering

The Vikings T400 - outdoor display edition - is a unique item and as such only available once. Don't miss out on it!
Since this is a special item, we ask that you initiate payment within 1 (one) business day and send us a confirmation of payment via email.

Shipping time

The Vikings T400 - outdoor display edition - ships within 3 to 4 business days.

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Vikings T400 laptop with outdoor display - one of a kind

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