Shipping Information

Customization is a core value at the Vikings store. This is also true for our flexibility that we can offer as a small outfit specialized on products that value your privacy. If you have a special wish, please contact us before placing your order: hello at vikings dot net

Vikings delivers world-wide

via UPS and DHL, express options are available either directly from the cart or on request. We can reach most countries within one to two business days!

Order process

After you've completed you order by clicking on "Confirm Order", we send you an order confirmation by email and an advance payment invoice.

Once we've received your payment, we'll send you email status updates when the status of your order changes. Typically order statuses are:

  • Pending (we're waiting for the payment)
  • Processing - Payment received
  • Processing - Assembly 
  • Processing - Stress testing
  • Processing - Prep. for transport
  • Complete - Shipped

Depending on your type of order, some of the above status examples might not be applicable to your order.

Shipping speed

Please see "Availability" on our product pages and the product description, it may have further information when an item will ship. We always aim to ship as quick as possible, that being said that if you're in a hurry and you expect delivery within a day the Vikings Store might not be the right place for you. Sourcing, assembling and testing always takes its time.

If unsure, you're invited to contact us regarding the expected shipping speed for a specific item.

(Don't fear) VAT  & Customs

There's not need to worry about VAT or customs, it boils down to two things:

You're based inside the European Union: Free movement of goods in all EU member states: you won't have to pay any import taxes and we'll charge you directly with the German VAT (19%) at checkout.

You're based outside the European Union: Approx. half of our customers are based outside the EU and we ensure seamless delivery to non-EU countries. We handle all export formalities and take care of proper export documentation. We won't charge you with VAT directly, you'll usually pay your local VAT upon receipt of the shipment through one of the shipment carriers we use.