Shipping Information

Customization is a core value at the Vikings store. This is true not only for our products, but also regarding the shipment and payment options for your orders. This page will provide you with the most important information on these topics.

Payment type and shipping

For shopping hardware at the Vikings store, you can currently pay via bank transfer and via PayPal.

After checking your order, we send you an advance payment invoice that doubles as your order confirmation.

Libre friendly computer systems

Upon receiving payment, we will:

  • approve your order for production, test your configuration for 3 days under full load and then ship the goods generally within a single day

Libre friendly accessories

Upon receiving payment, we will:

  • approve your order and then ship the goods generally within 1 day if you order accessories or other components that don't need assembly

Pre-orders/contributions to our crowdfunding

Upon receiving payment, we will:

  • confirm that we've received your payment and as soon as we go live, we will send you a notice by email

Shipment types

Shipping costs are calculated based on weight. We ship goods with DHL, which is generally a good option for both business and personal users. For quality reasons, very sensitive systems (like tower servers) are sometimes shipped via forwarding agencies. UPS is also available upon request if that's your favorite logistics company.

Shipping with DHL:

With DHL, we have a range of three types of shipping options available: Standard, premium and express.

Our shop currently only offers/shows the standard shipping method. It's a good choice within Europe to use the standard method. The following methods are available upon request:

  • "Premium" is a reasonably priced way to speed up delivery times to e.g. the Americas, Asia and Afrika.
  • "Express" deliveries are scheduled for the next business day throughout Europe and allow very quick shipping to other territories.


We do what we can to ensure a seamless delivery to non-EU countries. This includes handling customs formalities and export documentation.