• X200 Libreboot Installation Service

We flash your Lenovo X200 laptop with the latest Libreboot stable.

How it works

  1. Order this product and pay the invoice at your earliest convenience;
  2. Wait for the "Payment Received" confirmation;
  3. Please read the notes;
  4. Remove your HDD/SSD for your own security unless you chose the installation service for a new operating system;
  5. Remove all accessory: battery, power supply, cables, docking station etc. You even can remove the keyboard and palmrest;
  6. Create a note that states the order number and your name and put it inside your laptop (between base and lid);
  7. Ship the laptop to:   
  8. Vikings
    Mr. Umbach
    Avenue Emile de Beco 94/10
    1050 Brussels
  9. We flash your laptop with Libreboot and ship it back to you - from here on you can flash your laptop internally with software (e.g. with new versions of Libreboot).


  1. If you're unsure if your RAM will work, please order RAM modules from our store, they are available optionally. If your installed RAM won't work, we'll contact you;
  2. If you're using the stock wifi card: it won't work without non-free software (or at all depending on the driver/firmware situation); WE DO RECOMMEND!!!111elf!1 to choose the optionally available Wifi card in this case;
  3. Please make sure the laptop is in a normal clean state, so we won't get sick when we handle your laptop. Alternatively you can order two different cleaning services from us from the options menu.
    Dirty laptops will be send back to you, without working on it and a 15 EUR handling fee applies. This and the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund we'll send in this case. Alternatively you'll be asked to order the cleaning service.
  4. You will receive the laptop in the state of cleanliness you've sent it - we will not clean your laptop, unless it's been ordered;
  5. We don't check if your installed operating system (OS) will boot and we won't work on your existing OS. If you like us to install a new OS on your laptop, please use the OS installation service which is available optionally (also include a HDD or SSD in this case);
  6. The box and packaging materials you send your laptop with should be in the condition to survive another shipment: we'll re-use the box you've shipped your laptop with to send it back to you. Please wrap your laptop carefully! If you won't do that, a 10 EUR fee for a special laptop cardboard box will apply;
  7. If you include a battery with your laptop by accident (see 5. of "How it works"), we will not be able to send it back to you due to regulatory issues (batteries are dangerous goods). We'll charge you with a 5 EUR fee for recycling your battery.

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X200 Libreboot Installation Service

  • Product Code: VKGS-LAP-INST
  • Availability: 14-21 Days
  • 45.00€

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