Crowdfunding Infos

We're building an internet hosting provider that respects your freedom and protects your privacy.

Vikings is the world's first professional hosting company with a fully libre hosting platform stack. Our services are based

  • 100% on libre boot firmware,
  • 100% on libre-friendly and performant hardware (the Vikings D16 mainboard, based on ASUS KGPE-D16),
  • 100% on libre software, and
  • 100% on certified green energy.

Vikings is your one stop source for libre hosting services and libre server- and workstation hardware.

Vikings needs your help!

"Vikings libre hosting" is a crowdfunded project and our products and services are currently in an active development phase.

The money raised will be used to hire developers to program the backend and frontend software that enables all customers to control their service(s) with us.

Vikings has been covering a major part of the overall crowdfunding goal: 100% of the hardware, 100% of the system administration work, as well as a part of the software developing process (see table below).

The pre-order/donation phase is running and will run until our goal is met - support us now and you'll receive a 15% discount for your pre-order and/or good karma for your contribution!

Crowdfunding Status

(last updated: 2017-06-28)

Overall Goal 57.500 EUR
Vikings' Share 35.000 EUR
Crowdfunding Goal 22.500 EUR
Current Pledges 3.414,96 EUR (15,18%)
Remaining Deficit
19.085,04 EUR

How it works & payment options

If you like the idea of a libre hosting provider, you're kindly invited to support us by pre-ordering the service you're interested in and/or by contributing to our project without pre-ordering a specific service. In our store and for pre-orders, we accept payments via

  • wire/bank transfer and
  • PayPal (also for credit cards).

We would appreciate if you could avoid using PayPal, due to high payment fees we are being charged.

When and how FAQ

  • When? We have the goal to provide our services step by step, shortly after reaching the crowdfunding goal.
  • What? Due to the variety of services we want to offer, we will only be able to roll our services one after the other, likely starting with virtual private servers.
  • The more money we raise during the pre-order period, the quicker we'll be able to deliver our services.
  • We will regularly give updates on any important developments or milestones through our website, mailing list, GNUsocial and Twitter.

Payment FAQ

  • A standard subscription cycle is valid for one month. You can add another subscription cycle by simply increasing the quantity in your shopping cart.
  • Payments by wire/bank transfer can be/are anonymous. We don't store your name and only need your email address or order no. (to send you an info once we are online) and your country (for tax reasons).
  • Your pre-order payment is 100% refundable until 2 weeks after you have started using your service (after we've launched).
  • We will send you an email as soon as we go live and at that point you will be able to decide how you would like to use your credit.
  • Contributions are also refundable within a period of 12 weeks after we have received your contribution.


What we have done so far

  • We went into a co-location situation at a data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (where the world's largest internet hub "DE-CIX" is located), where we currently rent three server racks
  • We set up routing (currently through AS12586), core and edge switches and other networking installations
  • Since 2017-05-16 we are running 12 Vikings D16 servers, partly for testing purposes, partly for live operations. Most of the machines are equipped with two CPUs and 128 GB RAM (virtualization nodes), two as storage machines with SSDs and a couple of machines with various configurations to play around with.