Environmental Protection

Vikings is taking responsibility and is protecting the environment.

Green electricity: Energy from hydropower, wind- and solar energy

Our services are not only based on libre-friendly hardware and libre software. Sustainable and renewable energy sources are also an important cornerstone of our company policy.

Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Vikings exclusively uses energy from renewable sources to power the infrastructure in Vikings-enabled data centers and all Vikings office space.

Vikings data centers and office space are certified by independent organizations, for example Greenpeace or TÜV, depending on location.

Packing Material

To protect our environment, we use biodegradable filling and protective materials, packaging tape etc. We also used a large number of recycled packaging material when we can.

Our purchasing department asks suppliers to use environmentally friendly packaging materials. But since we do not always have influence on that, it is possible that a part of the packaging materials used is not biodegradable. In case of doubt, we rather avoid a supplier that doesn't care about our environment in favor of a supplier that cares.

We also favor re-using existing packaging material over new, biodegradable packing material to save resources.

All this means that oftentimes we do not have uniform cardboard boxes with an impressive "Vikings" logo on top, sometimes you will find third-party labeling on our packaging. We think this is currently the best way of doing thing in regards to the protection of the environment.

If you have a good idea on how we could improve, please let us know!

Choose Vikings with good conscience

Vikings wishes to use the aforementioned measures to promote energy-efficient use of the Internet and computing in general. Choose Vikings for a cleaner, greener and better future.