Thinkpad T440p coreboot installation service
  • Thinkpad T440p coreboot installation service

Thinkpad T440p coreboot installation service

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We'll flash your laptop with coreboot, neutralize the Intel ME backdoor, do a hardware check and renew the CPU thermal paste.

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T440p Touchpad Improvement

SSD 2.5″ Storage

UltraBay (T440p)

SSD 2.5″ Storage (for SATA UltraBay Adapter only)

WLAN Adapter


Product Information

What we do

  1. Initial visual inspection for damage and verification that the laptop boots;
  2. Disassembly of the laptop (with the exception of the display/cover);
  3. Basic dust removal and disinfection of the interior and exterior (for the level of cleanliness we expect, please see the instructions below);
  4. Applying new thermal paste;
  5. Flashing the laptop with coreboot and neutralizing the Intel ME backdoor;
  6. Reassembly of the laptop;
  7. Stress test to finally confirm that everything works as expected.

How it works

  1. Order this product and pay the invoice;
  2. Wait for the "Payment Received" confirmation;
  3. Remove your HDD/SSD for your own security unless you chose the installation service for a new operating system;
  4. Remove all accessory: battery, HDD/SSD, power supply, cables, docking station etc. (if you like, you can also remove the keyboard and palmrest);
  5. Create a note that states the order no. and your name and put it between base and lid of your laptop;
  6. Please ship the laptop to:
    Vikings GmbH
    - Installation Service -
    Wermutsbrunnstr. 38
    52076 Aachen
  7. We flash your laptop and ship it back to you - from now on you can update/replace your boot firmware internally without the need of flashing equipment;
  8. Please continue reading below.


  1. If you are not sure if your RAM will work or want more RAM (up to 16GB are possible with the T440p), please order RAM modules from our store. If your installed RAM does not work, we will contact you (so far we have never seen RAM that works with the default BIOS doesn't work with coreboot);
  2. We recommend choosing the optionally available libre-friendly Wifi card that will run without proprietary software, esp. if your laptop still has the non-free Intel WLAN adapter installed;
  3. Please make sure the laptop is in a relatively normal clean state before sending. A little dust that accumulated when used normally doesn't bother us and we don't expect that you clean the laptop inside (please use a moist cloth to clean the outside, esp. the keyboard, though). We'll do a basic dusting and disinfection as mentioned above. However, laptops that are extremely soiled outside and/or inside (e.g. soda/pop spillage or food remnants) will be returned unprocessed and a handling fee of 50 EUR* plus shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. Alternatively, you will be asked to order the cleaning service. If you are not sure whether your laptop should be considered "dirty" or "extremely dirty", please contact us before ordering;
  4. We won't check if your installed operating system will boot. We run our own, semi-automated test system to check your laptop. What's more, you're not supposed to send storage media with your laptop as mentioned above (see 4. of "How it works");
  5. The box and packing material you use to ship your laptop should be in good condition;
  6. If you include a battery with your laptop by accident (see 4. of "How it works") we will recycle it;
  7. If you include storage media by accident (see 4. of "How it works") we can't be held liable if lost.

* may be converted into your payment currency

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