At The Vikings Store, you have the choice of several different payment methods and currencies. This article explains what these are and what impact they may have.

Advance payment

All orders must be paid in full in advance (with an exception for public authorities) including any fees that might occur. After checking your order and accepting it, we send an advance payment invoice that also doubles as your order confirmation. Upon receiving full payment via one of the methods mentioned below, we will approve your order for production.

Purchase on account

We offer purchase on account only for public authorities (on request).

Payment methods

Payments can be made in the currencies available from the dropdown field on the top right corner of the Vikings store via the following methods

  • bank transfer/wire transfer (SEPA, BACS, ACH, international wire…) in the currencies available (see below)
  • iDEAL (EUR only, through our payment provider Mollie)
    • iDEAL is a popular payment method in The Netherlands
  • Bancontact (EUR only, also through Mollie)
    • Bancontact is a popular payment method in Belgium

Bank transfer/wire transfer, iDEAL and Bancontact provide a fast, easy to use and trusted method for customers to make payments directly from the bank account. Our customers greatly benefit from these payment methods because they are economical, fast, have a low risk of return, and account and purchaser account information is verified to reduce erroneous transactions.

We currently do not accept other payment methods at this time (e.g. credit card, PayPal, digital currencies) due to the fact that these can be non-guaranteed, expensive and/or volatile.

Currencies, bank accounts & how to send payments

Please make sure you choose the currency you’d like to pay in in the top right corner before placing your order. Currencies/bank accounts with a * only allow local bank transfers (e.g. NZ$ can only be used from a New Zealand bank account). Euro is our base currency, however other currencies are converted with the daily rate without surcharge.
We operate a bank account for each of those currencies, the bank info will be displayed upon placing the order.
Please use the order number as the purpose of the transfer.

You can choose from the following currencies:

European currencies / bank accounts

  • Euro (€): base currency
  • Pound Sterling (£)
  • Polish złoty (zł)*
  • Romanian Leu (L)*
  • Hungarian forint (Ft)*
  • Swiss Francs (fr.) - due to popular demand we’re currently working on accepting fr. in the future

North-American currencies / bank accounts

  • Canadian Dollar (CA$): EFTs (electronic fund transfers) and Direct Deposits only
  • U.S. Dollar (US$): ACH only. If you are using wire transfers instead of ACH, please add USD 7.50 to cover our banks' wire fees.

European/Asian-transcontinental currencies / bank accounts

  • Turkish lira (₺)*

Asian currencies / bank accounts

  • Singapore Dollar (S$)*

Australasian currencies / bank accounts

  • Australian Dollar (A$)*
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZ$)*

International payment fees for different currencies: Please use “OUR”

In case you make a transfer in a currency that differs from our bank account currency (e.g. if you, for some reason, want to pay in USD to our EUR account) you must bear all of the payment transaction fees. In bank lingo this instruction is called OUR. It means that you pay all transfer charges. We receive all of the payment.

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