The world needs more entropy!

The ChaosKey is a fully libre & open design, hardware random number generator for use with computers that have an available USB port.

The design provides bits at the maximum rate supported by full-speed USB, which is approximately 1 megabyte per second.

For Linux systems running kernel version 4.1 or newer, operation is as simple as plugging in the device, as a suitable driver for feeding random bits into the kernel entropy pool is already present in the kernel, and ChaosKey will automatically be detected and bound to this driver.

    Source code & hardware design

    In this video the creators talk about the ChaosKeys (warning, youtube):

    Source code for the firmware, flash loader and a utility to pull raw bits from the noise source are available here:
    AltOS Git Repository

    Hardware designs using gEDA are available here:
    ChaosKey Hardware Design Files

    Firmware Features

      AltOS is written mostly in C with some ARM assembler

      Tools Used

        • gEDA for schematic capture and PCB layout
        • GCC compiler and source debugger


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          ChaosKey true random number generator

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